You guys, The readers, Have most likely noticed my absence this month, well its true, im AFK or in less tech terms im on Vacation, with it being the middle of the summer holidays i’m out having a Real Life – However it will return to my Normal, which is hard to explain, all you need to know is that my normal means blogging and posting will return to normal come September time, if you are wondering what i did with Fallon in the meantime then i did what any good gorean man would do, tied her to the wall of my secret hiding place, left out water and bread and il pick her up off the floor as soon as i return ūüėČ

Rathe ūüôā




Through hell and back

The Highwater family has an ICON and it’s Thorin Highwater. ¬†He is the legacy all the Highwaters fight so hard to maintain. ¬†Rathe’s grandfather has the most burly northern look. ¬†Hair everywhere, a massive man, scared, brutal and stone cold. ¬†What more would you expect from a true Torvie.

Hail to Thorin Highwater


On a side note, My grandfather is wearing a PFC trio, Three outfits from PFC all mixed, PFC is a must for all males out there, its a basic essential to any mans wardrobe and always a great place to start or fall upon if you get stumped with any outfit you create, Enjoy all.


Thorin Highwater - Through hell and back

(Click Image to Enlarge)

What is Thorin wearing…

Necklace – PFC Dragon Slayer – Necklace

Shoulder Right – PFC Dragon Slayer – Skull Arm

Shoulder Pauldron Left – PFC Dragon Slayer Pauldron, Gold

Forearm Armor Right – PFC Son of Odin, arm Right

Forearm Armor Left – PFC Son of Odin, arm Left and PFC Dragon Slayer – Claw

Chest Straps – PFC Son of Odin, Breast Strap

Pants – PFC Barbarian (Brown&Gold) Pants

Boots – PFC Barbarian (Brown&Gold) Boots

Armor Belt – PFC Barbarian (Brown&Gold) belt/pants

Pipe – PFC – Long smoking pipe

Bow – LR Warmog Bow (Gen4)

Axe & Shield – Primus Axe of Slain/Shield of Slain

Spear – LR Black Hawk Combo

Dagger on hip – VF Angel of Death dagger


This Friday Totally Top Shelf opens for its very first time with a Greek mythology theme.  For me it will be 300 my style.

I held out till the last-minute to post.  Why?  I was hoping that there would be some epic manly items come along.  I mean what more manly event can you have then Gods, Gladiators, Dictators and Warriors.  So here it is.  PFC rocked this with a helmet and cape that started my 300 idea.

I want to give a shout out to all the fabulous and creative designers that put hard work in this.  THANK YOU.  I would like to place an order for more male items and if you need ideas just ask the 300 man!  While many of us have blogged leading up to this event there are designers yet that will surprise you on Friday.  Come on out and see for yourself.


Rathe 300 Style

(Click Image to Enlarge)

What Rathe is wearing…

Helmet – PFC Hoplite Helmet – Available at TTS – (Totally Top Shelf)

Cape – PFC Hoplite Cape – Available at TTS – (Totally Top Shelf)

Weapon Harness – PFC Gladiator – Chest Straps

Belt – PFC Gladiator – Belt (Iron)

Neck Chain – AtaMe Xendra Black Necklace DiJan Line

Right Shoulder Armor – PFC Dragon Slayer Pauldron Iron

Right Forearm Armor – PFC Gladiator – Arm (Iron)

Right Leg – PFC Gladiator – Bandage

Left Shoulder Armor – PFC Dragon Slayer Skull Arm

Left Forearm Armor – DRD Female armor – Bluemetal

Fist Wraps – ZED Mesh Gloves – Ace of Spades

Belt Chain – Layered Chain Belt ‚Äď Custom made ‚Äď Chain Belt [mesh] Vikki Placebo

Kilt and Loin – PFC Gladiator Belt (Iron)

Boots – PFC Gladiator – Boots

Axes – AXIX Legendary Warrior (pose 4) – TFG

Bruised Tattoo – Fallen Doll – Survivor Tattoo

TTS does it up Greek Style

Friday the very first Totally Top Shelf event opens in Second Life.  Watch our blog for your chariot ride to the event.



The designers have been hard at work creating the beauty of Greek mythology.  Many of the items sold will include a notecard giving great detail about the inspiration of the item.  Most all of the items created can be used with many outfits through out many role-play arenas.  There were so many beautiful crowns, face jewels, necklaces, robes, dresses to pick from.  Below is what I put together to give a bit of a teaser by as many designers as possible.  Enjoy and come out to see us at this new event.

Fallon - TTS Sweet Kajira

What Fallon is wearing…

Dress – Distorted Dreams Clio Light (Gacha Rare) – TTS

Headdress – Keystone Aglaea Gold – TTS

Face Tattoo – A Moment’s Beauty of Two Worlds 2 – TTS

Collar – Luas Zyra Collar Blue – TTS

Bracers – Luas Zyra Bracer Blue – TTS

Crown – Zyn Ancient Crown of Hera – TTS

Earrings – Sweet Kajira Persefone – TTS

Arm Bracelets – Sweet Kajira Persefone – TTS

Sandals – Bliensen + MaiTai The Messenger Sandals (Worn but not shown) – TTS

Bliensen + MaiTai - The Messenger - gold - female Ad

Note:  I was able to transparent the wings which makes them great for general wear.

The Great Mother of All

Black Pearls hit upon the greatest goddess of all times.  Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe.

As the song goes…

I will sing about the mother of all,
the well-founded and eldest
who feeds all creatures as many as they are,
all that move on the trusty land, and all in the sea, and all that fly, all these are fed from her wealth.
Hail, Mother of the gods,
wife of starry Heaven.

Fallon (Black pearls) - Gaia Style

(Click Image to Enlarge)

The crown and necklace are a perfect start to any outfit. ¬†While Totally Top Shelf is about Greek mythology this round this can be used in any role-play, Gorean, Game of Thrones, Fairies etc. ¬†It’s simply beautifies not only your avie but any outfit placed with it.

Thank you Yasay the talented and creative designer/owner of Black Pearls.  Everything you make is excellent proof is in the picture.

For all those that enjoy photography Rack Poses will be at the Totally Top Shelf event with six fabulous poses.  The one I have used is #5 and the doves come with each pose adjusted for them specifically.


Remember we are counting down to the grand opening of Totally Top Shelf on June 13, 2014. ¬†It’s an event you will love and want to visit often.


Kei-Spot indulges in the Totally Top Shelf Event

Less than three weeks to the grand opening of Totally Top Shelf.  Mark your calendar June 13, 2014 will be a night of indulgence.


Greek mythology is the theme and Keiko Zoon the creative artist behind Kei-Spot has provided the ultimate indulgence of wine and pleasure with her new Dionysian furniture to create that perfect lustful role-play scene.

Kei’s Dionysian Feasting Couch complete with singles and couples animation as well red and blue options.

Rathe - Scye - Couch, Kei Spot

Kei’s Dionysian Feasting Rug is my favorite. ¬†Why you ask? ¬†I can have Scye my poison slave and Fallon on the rug at the same time. ¬†Now that is wine and pleasure just greet me as Dionysian next time we meet.

Rathe and Fallon - Kei Spot 3-Some Rug

The night would not be complete without a beautiful vase that allows you to have a fanning slave.  Of course you need to provide your own slave.  A table full of food to be glutenous.

Kei Spot


Ramya skin hit’s the runway at Totally Top Shelf June 13th!

SNEAK PREVIEW – Ramya Skin (Gizmolino)

Ramya will be debuting their new Gizmolino skin at the Totally Top Shelf event that will be hitting the circuit June 13, 2014.  Fantastic designers that create some of the best fantasy role-play items will be focusing on Greek mythology.


The talented designer Azlyn Vaher, owner of Yasum is introducing an exciting new skin from her Ramya division. ¬†If you have ever seen or worn anything from Yasum you already know you won’t be disappointed. ¬†Fallon is a beautiful dark skin Port Kar thief that uses many ways to slip through the hands of those that may not approve of her ways. ¬†Finding darker skins that don’t leave her harsh and hard has been a work in progress. ¬†I was so excited when I put this on and she looked beautiful in it leaving her with just enough age to be taken serious and enough youth to lure the most harden man.

The new Gizmo skin comes in six tones, porcelain, milk, caramel, latte. chocolate and mocha. ¬†Not only do you get six great tones but in each package you will find appliers for WOWME, Cute&Phat Azz,Slink, Ghetto and Lola. ¬†That’s not all Azlyn graciously gives you a gorgeous shape, brow shaper, three full body freckles and lashes all modifiable. ¬†Do the math and relish in the SAVINGS!

Gizmolino Poster InstructionTones

MOCHA! ¬†That is Fallon’s color per Rathe. ¬†If you know Rathe and I then that is my final answer. ¬†However I will agree this mocha color fits who she is so perfectly.

Fallon - Skin 1

Fallon skin 2

What Fallon is wearing…

Skin – Ramya Gizmo Mocha (Totally Top Shelf – Opens June 13, 2014)

Cape and Thong – OAL Solstice Coal

Collar – Forge Chained Collar

Nipples – Nina Peterman Vanilla Sucks


CHOCOLATE! ¬†Rathe has put his fist down and said that Scye will be wearing Chocolate. ¬†I think the man likes this skin. ¬†Scye is his poison slave that currently he has no antidote for and can’t touch her. ¬†Haha!

Fallon - Skin 3

Fallon - Skin 4

¬†What Fallon is wearing…

Skin – Ramya Gizmo Chocolate (Totally Top Shelf – Opens June 13, 2014)

Cape and Thong – OAL Solstice Coal

Collar – Forge Chained Collar

Nipples – Nina Peterman Vanilla Sucks



We be travelin

rathe fallon travellers

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Rathe and I have family all over it seems. ¬†So we packed up some bags, tossed them over our shoulder and headed out. ¬†Down south we will head to Jahesa to see his niece and nephew. ¬†Then up to Thentis to see his sister Aroha. ¬†Further north to Mjolnir to see Ma and Pa and little brother Ran! ¬†I’m sure along the way we will find much trouble or more interesting things. ¬†Our first stop was the new Teslit Forest which is a great hide out¬†for us and will provide good cover when we are on the run. ¬†If you see us coming put on the vittles and break out the mead we are gonna stay a while.

Take note I think this is the friendliest that Rathe has ever looked. ¬†Watch out don’t let him fool you!



What Fallon is wearing…

Dress – Juicee Fai Dress

Gloves – OAL Burlap Gloves

Scarf – Ispachi Heuston Scarf

Hair Pins – LR Hair Pins

Boots – DRD Onhold Worn Combat

Flask – Silk Worms Copper Flask (Gatcha)

Belt – PFC Brown Belt Pack (Gatcha)

Back Pack – PFC Spoiler Pack Brown (Gatcha)

rathe fallon playful

(Click Image to Enlarge)

What Rathe is wearing…

Shirt – Ronsem Cut-Off T – Gray-Bluegray

Pants – Ronsem Sarrouel – Khaki (Male)

Hat – PFC Sad Wing Cap (Light Brown)

Face Straps – Axis Morpheus FaceStraps Red (Rare) – TFG

Head Bandana – Rosenwolf Bandana

Boots – Ronsem 5HoleBoots – Brown

Gloves – Razor – Timberlake Outfit

Arm Band Right – DPD weapons Harness II – Dark (Armband)

Forearm Right – SD Skjern Bracer Grey (Rare – TFG)

Hand Claw – PFC Dragon Slayer – Claw

Back Pack – PFC Raa’s pack (Brown) Rare -TFG

Flask – Silk Worms – Hip Flask Snake (Common – TFG)

Quiver – PFC Ottoman Quiver (Black)

Pouch – The Forge Leg Pouch, Black – TFG

Bow – LR Izara Bow – Gen4

Sword – Primus Crixus Sword

back pack travel

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Update all around….

We have fallen behind a bit but expect to see our GATCHA purchases this week sometime.  Work and creative endeavors has had us busy and occupied.

Want to know about our creative endeavor?

Seeking intense and creative Freewomen and slaves for roleplay. We are a private group of story tellers that weave stories. We are pirates, thieves and cut throats taken from the glorious Port Kar. A small cove serves as home but the travels extend throughout the BTB sims. We are not opposed to a GE person that embraces stories but we are not geared towards raid and rescue. We simply wish to find like-minded people who will enjoy an ongoing story. You are not expected to be on all the time that is the beauty of roleplay you can stop and pick it up and move forward as needed. We are looking for people who are not restricted by limits and open to creative fun on the darker side that is a bit less honorable than most Goreans. This will be a capture role play to begin with but can expand to many things from blackmail to even joining the group of pirates or assisting the thieves. Spying on sims and others the concept is endless.

Pirate Cove

The picture is a small cove where we have our headquarters, from there we move throughout the BTB sims totally breaking laws.  Fallon as you all know is a thief from Port Kar and I am a half crazed Torvie that has been demented by the Northern wars that will do just about anything thieving the least of it.  Outlaw?  That is a very kind word for me.  A friend made this nice private place because he is a pirate and pirates have to have a place to hide the booty.  So we joined up with them and here we are.  We love to role-play but more we love stories.  We want others to be part of our story be it for a day or a week or join us.  As you see above we are open to it all just we want it to be someone who really enjoys RP and will close their eyes and take the journey.

If you have a sim and would like us to inhabit your sim with our role-play and villainess we would need about 900 prims to use. ¬†You can’t be a hero if you don’t have a villain!

So now you know where we been.  Expect a good post soon on what we manage to snag when our Lindens would work at the GATCHA.

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Rathe - Fallon - Pirate start

(Click Image to Enlarge)

That’s right. ¬†Pull up the anchor and lets get going. ¬†The Fantasy Collective is less than 24 hours away! ¬†Why is that so important? ¬†Rathe and I love Pirates and that is the theme this go around. ¬†With so many events opening we haven’t seen much blogging for this event. ¬†It scares me that maybe there isn’t anything great, but then I also think maybe everyone is just to busy for the small event. ¬†We are excited and having high hopes that there is a new treasure to be found there. ¬†With all this anticipation we dug into the back of our inventory closets and tossed together our own Pirate outfits which will be our attire when we shop at the event. ¬†Fingers crossed it’s worth the wait, I shall let you all know.


What Fallon is wearing…

Corset Skirt – Black Pearls Arya Corset Green

Leather Skirt – Keystone Ioanna’s Beltskirt

Gloves – Immerschoen Girl Leather Gloves Long

Hat – Damen Gorilla Pirate Hat

Top – Hudson’s Clothing Co. Raquel’s Peasant Top

Bra – Roawenwood Briarthorn Bra

Stockings – Worldwide Industries Army Girl Garters

Boots – Lightstar Strapped Boots

Necklace – Kosh Multiplex Necklace

Nails – Rozoregalia Gazellver Nails

Hip Armor – May’s Soul Musa Belt

Shoulder Armor – May’s Soul Rider Shoulder

Arm Armor – DRD Armor Bluemetal

Pistol – Black Claw Weapon Dirty Wench Spellfire

Sword – RiddleBox Ribble Pirate Hanger

double pirate

(Click Image to Enlarge)

What is Rathe wearing…

Jacket – **Guarded Cross** Leather short coat – Black

Pants – Pirate pants – Calamity Boram

Boots – Pirate Boots – Calamity Boram

Sash – Pirate belt (modded) – Calamity Boram

Chest Strap – The Forge Chest Harness

Upper Arm wraps – DPD Weapons Harness II – Arm Bands

Hat – Damen Gorilla Pirate Hat – Angel of souls

Sword – Primus Crixus Sword

Bow – LR Izara bow

Gloves – Razor Timberlake Outfit – Dealer gloves

Hand Armor – DRD Female Armor – Blue Metal

Shoulder Armor – PFC – Dragon Slayer Pauldron – Iron

Arm Wrap – PFC – Dragon Slayer Skull Arm

Hand Claw – PFC – Dragon Slayer Claw


(Click Image to Enlarge)